From Rundown to Fabulous

Kevin and Nancy Loucks love their condo now, but that was not the case when they initially bought it. It was rundown and needed a lot of tender loving care. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo is their secondary home. So, the changes that had to be made Kevin relates, "helped a rundown rental unit into a beautiful home". Kevin and Nancy met Rooftech Solutions, owners Mike and Toni Raby through the realtor that they bought the unit from. The revamping included painting from ceiling to floor, redo a shower, installing tile and trim. This took a total of 3 ½ weeks to complete while the couple stayed in their primary home in Florida. Every aspect of the remodel was discussed prior to any of the work be done. While the job progressed, Mike and Toni would send them photos to see how each phase was being completed. "Every remodel will have its challenges, and you must have trust in the people working for you", states Kevin. Kevin goes onto say, "Mike and Toni are gracious, friendly, explaining the total job, and they knew in their hearts that the Raby's would do a good job. They make a very good team, and his wife's design ideas were very useful in helping them in making good decisions". Kevin and Nancy were not there to oversee the day to day progress on their remodel, but trusted Rooftech Solutions, to get the job done right. Rooftech Solutions is more than a home remodeler, they are there to make sure to go beyond the customers' expectations. Kevin and Nancy can attest to that, so be assured that Mike and Toni Raby, are the exception to the rule in home remodeling and have Rooftech Solutions be there to get the job done right.

An Awesome Job

Dr. Lois Petrella has a 4-bedroom, 2 bath, 2400 square foot brick home that is a rental property. The house is ten years old and the original contractor who built it, had a lot of items that were not up to code. One of the more extensive issues was the shower in the master bath. It had to be gutted all the way to the concrete. It had rotted wood, it was not sealed properly, and black mold was found. The tubs, sinks, vanities were in fine shape and did not need any work done to them. The entire house including the garage was repainted in a light grey, with white trim to make the walls pop! All the flooring expect for the 2 bathrooms were replaced with a vinyl plank that is water proof and spill proof. This was the most expensive part of the remodel, Dr. Petrella wanted to make sure that there were no issues that her tenants would encounter. Every part of the job was discussed, and she was made fully aware of all her options. Because of the extensive problems that were being faced, the budget had to be adjusted to meet these challenges and rectify the problems facing her. Toni Raby (one of the owners of Rooftech Solutions) was given the task of picking out all the colors for the house, it was the blending of the old and new, they match beautifully. Dr. Petrella states, "I could trust them to do what was right." Rooftech Solutions wants to win the trust of every customer. You can be assured that having the customer's trust is a very important commodity. Dr. Petrella would recommend them for other work that maybe needed to her own home. Trust is very hard to get but be assured that Rooftech Solutions can be trusted to do what is right.

More than Generosity

Penny and John Logstin own a three-bedroom, two-bathroom condo, that needed a bathroom makeover. They met Mike and Toni Raby while they were doing some remodeling on a unit above the Logstin's. Penny and John had a unique situation with their toilet being in the middle of the bathroom, how could a work around be accomplished. Rooftech Solutions started by removing the existing whirlpool and replaced it with a brand-new shower. They put up walls around the existing toilet, and turned it to face the door, so that the shower was behind the new walls. A new granite top was installed, along with mirrors, ceiling fan, and flooring. Penny's husband suggested a motion sensor that would turn on a light inside the shower, when the door was opened. A utility closet was built so that linens, and other items would be easily accessible. The project took approximately a month. The Logstin's bought various items on their own, and Mike let the couple have the use of his contractor's discount to help in defraying some of the cost for the project. Penny and John are elated, because Mike and Toni went above and beyond their expectations. The furniture was covered with plastic and the crew cleaned up every night before going home. "The Raby's are really, really nice, and our ideas melded together. They were reasonably priced and went out of their way. They are personable and have built their business to make people happy", states Penny. Because of their kind generosity for use of the contractor's discount, along with making sure everything was right, the Logstin's are very happy, and they will use Rooftech Solutions again for other remodeling projects. Rooftech Solutions goal is to make the customer happy. Mike and Toni Raby will sit down with you, and thoroughly explain the project. For expectations above and beyond make sure you use Rooftech Solutions for all your remodeling needs.