I am a wife, mom, and an entrepreneur in that order. I am a native of Athens, AL and involved with really helping the customer that comes to RoofTech Solutions.

As a previous manager, I have a real knack for listening to what our clients need. I am here to make sure that your house becomes your dream home. My goal is to make sure that it all comes together.

I have extensive knowledge to make your house really standout. From decorating tips, to building upon what you already have is my commitment to you. I have a true passion for helping the customer and want to make sure that you love where you live.

I am respectful, honest and will invest in whatever is necessary to talk about the project you have in mind. I am certified by the Alabama Home Builders Association, this makes me uniquely qualified ensuring that you have the best for your home improvement needs.

You are more than your house and it reflects who you are. Let me help be a part of the journey and call me for an appointment today.


I am a family man, and a dedicated husband and father, which are my number one priorities, next to serving our customers.

I am a native of Huntsville, AL and the proud owner of Roof Tech Solutions. I started this business back in 2011, which is family owned and operated. I have over seventeen years of home improvement experience.

I enjoy working with people and love a challenge! Roof Tech Solutions "works from the roof down." My goal is to make sure that the client is satisfied. I will take the time necessary to not only listen, but to make sure that all the work that is done is top notch.

I will go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is pleased. I believe in integrity and because I am very exacting, this will ensure a high-quality job being done on your project.

I am very demanding, and rigorous in making sure that your job is completed on time and within your budget. Look no further than Roof Tech Solutions for all your home improvement needs.